About Us

Brought to You by Nature:

   Herb Works, llc. is a Colorado owned business, which is involved with creating from Natural ingredients, simple herbal solutions that we hope with use, will assist you in finding, Relief, Pleasure and a Calming experience without the use of Modern Drugs.

   We began, several years ago, when I was asked to make a lotion for a family member, who had been suffering from Fibromyalgia, Diabetic Sores and General Muscle pain for some time.  What I found from a combination of certain Herbal Oils, was that a synergistic formula was created that did more than we expected.  Sores were healing, Skin was beginning to heal and the overall Pain was reduced. 

   After further testing, we found that the product, “Pain Free Lotion”, had other uses and powers not known.  Skin Problems, Muscle Aches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritic Conditions, Nausea, Head Aches and more were helped.

   Now, brought to you by Nature, we intend to combine the best Oils and Natural products that we can find to create more Products that will enhance your life and spirit.  All of our products are formulated by hand to assure you the finest mixtures.

   As it was said some time ago in a CSNY Song, “And we got to get ourselves back to the Garden”, never has there been a more appropriate statement for our immediate goals here at Herb Works, llc. 

Herb Works, llc intends to take you back to the “Spirit of the Garden” with our Natural Product line.




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