Testimonials for Pain Free Lotion:


Carl P (Crawford, Co.) 
I use Pain Free lotion on my Neck, Back and Legs to ease the pain in those areas and have found great relief with this product. Great for Head Aches and Nausea.

Linda K. (Grand Junction, Co.)
I have used Pain Free since it was created to assist with my Fibromyalgia pain, Diabetic Sores and general skin issues.  It has helped more than any other lotion I have found.

Annie R. (Santa Paula, Ca.) 
After only one application of Pain Free, my Neck and Shoulder pains have been reduced.  I will continue to use and recommend this product.

Brandon S. (Glade Park, Co.) 
I am a heavy equipment operator with very bad knee pains.  After I found Pain Free lotion and used it, the pain in my knees has reduced so much, I can work all day.

Eve H. (Grand Junction, Co.) 
Pain Free, what can I say, I just love it, I recommend it to all my Patients at my Alternative Health Center.

Charlie the Dog (Orchard Mesa, Co.  ) 
I love Pain Free rubbed in my ears; it softens them and also keeps the bugs away. Woof!

Rich Y. (Ventura, Ca.) 
I used Pain Free lotion on my Itchy Feet and it stopped the itching and then healed the irritated skin from Athletes Foot.

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